Residential Electric Services

Our highly skilled and professionally trained residential electricians provide top-notch electrical services to homes throughout Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee Counties.

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Some homeowners may find certain electrical repairs fun and easy to accomplish. However, when it comes to your safety and the safety of your home, it is best to call on professionals. Elcano has expert electricians that are great at what they do. They can safely and adequately handle your electrical repair needs. When you try and repair your outlets, circuits, wires, and other electrical components, you may be putting your home and loved ones at risk of electrocution and fires.

Your home is an important investment. It is a place of comfort, tranquility, and the place where you and your family lay their heads down at night.  Shortcuts and poor workmanship are unacceptable.  Whether you need a simple problem fixed due to a home inspection or entire remodel, our electricians take pride in the quality of work they do and will treat your home with care.  

We specialize in inspecting, installing, repairing, and replacing electrical systems both inside and outside your home. We take pride in knowing that our work provides our neighbors throughout the Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee areas with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their homes are free of electrical hazards.

No matter what residential electrical service you need, Elcano has an experienced team of residential electricians who can help. Our certified electricians have experience with:

Service Panel upgrades

Recessed Can Lighting

Remodel or addition wiring

Outlets, GFI’s and switch Replacement

Fixture Installations or Replacement

Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

Garage Power

Hot Tub Wiring

Car Charging Stations

Home Inspections/Safety Checks

Surge Suppressors

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New Construction

Are you investing in a new home or a complete renovation? Don’t overlook the importance of planning and installing the proper electrical wiring systems for your home. When done the right way, this means your home is safer and better functioning for years to come.


Kitchen and Bath remodel lighting upgrades and so much more!

We can handle a one room remodel or a very large custom house with a full lighting control system. We have the ability to design and install every aspect of the lighting, power and controls needed for your project.

Service & Repair

Need something fixed? Our service team can help.

Any kind of home damage can be devastating, especially if it affects your electric. If you’ve experienced electrical damage, we can work with your insurance company to provide electrical repair right away to keep your home and family safe.


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